NASA should refocus on more down to Earth problems

Nov 18, 2011 Comments Off on NASA should refocus on more down to Earth problems by

The consensus is that scientists are smart people. Especially so, are the ones who are infatuated by the speed of light and those excited by the possibility of extra-terrestrials life in a massive hidden sea on Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons. Now that many of these scientists are redundant, maybe it is time for them […]

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Wind as a power source

Nov 03, 2011 Comments Off on Wind as a power source

Wind is the fastest growing energy source worldwide. An average wind speed of 14 miles per hour is needed to convert wind energy into electricity. There is evidence that wind energy was used to propel boats along the Nile as early as 5000BC. The earliest known windmills were in Persia (Iran) and looked like large […]

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Sun facts

Nov 01, 2011 Comments Off on Sun facts

The Sun is essential to all human and plant life on Earth. The sun’s rays travel through space and reach Earth in 8 minutes. The Sun is the centre of our solar system. All 8 planets rotate around the Sun. The sun is a giant, fiery ball of helium and hydrogen gas. Enough sunlight falls […]

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A wind turbine costs How much..?

Jul 22, 2011 Comments Off on A wind turbine costs How much..?

A wind turbine is relatively cheap when you consider what you get. You get a high-tech electricity generator and carbon free energy device, with fairly low maintenance. It will work for you industriously as long as the sun continues to shine. Yes, the sun drives the wind. Most Wind Turbines come with a 5-10 year […]

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Wind turbine conundrum

Jul 18, 2011 Comments Off on Wind turbine conundrum

Solar Energy harvested from wind turbines is the cheapest form of new electricity generation available today. Relatively speaking, Wind energy is not expensive. When the first commercial-scale wind turbines were installed in the 1980s, wind generated electricity cost up to 30 cents (20p) per kilowatt-hour. Today, wind power plants can generate electricity for less than […]

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