Sir Alex Ferguson retires

May 14, 2013 Comments Off on Sir Alex Ferguson retires by

Sir Alex Ferguson will retire as Manchester United manager at the end of the season after 26 years in charge. Sir Alex, 71, has won 38 trophies during his reign at Old Trafford and will now take up the post of director and ambassador for the club. Achieventments He has won, no less than 13 […]

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Arsenal fans bored with Wenger

Jan 20, 2013 Comments Off on Arsenal fans bored with Wenger

How long will it be before the Arsenal board and Wenger realizes that their Arsenal team is not competing with the top teams in the Premiership? The current squad is not good enough and the fans have agonised over this for at least four seasons with perennial denials from Arsene Wenger. Arsenal’s performance is like […]

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Gunners firing blanks

Dec 05, 2012 Comments Off on Gunners firing blanks

Olympiakos 2 Arsenal 1 Arsenal fielded a weakened team against Olympiakos in the deciding match in the group stages of the Champions League. Olympiakos won, scoring 2 goals to Arsenal’s 1. As a result, Arsenal finished second in their group. Although they have qualified for the knockout stage, its only a matter of time, 90 […]

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Premiership season preview

May 21, 2012 Comments Off on Premiership season preview

Finding a New Manager Finding a new manager for a football club is just like another round of job interviews. Several candidates apply, are vetted and the most suitable one wins, right. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works in the real world nor does it work like that in football. Finding a manager is a […]

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Manchester City Champions

May 14, 2012 Comments Off on Manchester City Champions

Manchester City Premiership Champions Sheikh Mansour invested Many millions of pounds And brought the best players To the Etihad ground The players soon started To play with aplomb Pretty soon one forgot They had each cost a bomb QPR, they were fighting To stay in the division They played for the right To avoid relegation […]

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