Get some free web traffic

Sep 03, 2011 Comments Off on Get some free web traffic by

Web traffic is like a huge virtual pizza. It’s sticky, hot and sweet, and comes in many flavours. And of course, everyone wants some. Image this pizza has 12 slices and there are 6 people to share it. Ideally, they could all get 2 pieces, right. However, in the real world someone would claim 6 […]

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Why did Microsoft buy Skype?

May 25, 2011 Comments Off on Why did Microsoft buy Skype?

When Microsoft purchased SKYPE for $8.5bn many people questioned their acumen. Some saw it as a gasp for attention and likened it to an old geezer going out and buying a sports car to bolster his image. However, I think it was a smart an innovative move. It made you look, and it certainly got […]

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How To Find Your Backlinks

May 21, 2011 Comments Off on How To Find Your Backlinks

Keeping track of your backlinks is easier said than done but there are a couple of methods you can apply to find your links. These methods involve using the search engines to hunt for your links. If you want to see if you’re site is listed in a particular directory, you could use the following […]

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Autocracy on the run

Feb 09, 2011 1 Comment

What happened in Tunisia and currently playing out in Egypt is the start of something big! In Egypt the Pharaoh or ‘President Hosni Mubarak’, has lost the trust and respect of his henchmen, his benefactors and most of his subjects and is hanging on to power by a thread. Not just in Egypt but elsewhere, […]

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Ereader compare features

Aug 28, 2010 Comments Off on Ereader compare features

Ereader Comparisons model manufacturer pros con verdict os iRex Digital Reader 1000 DR1000 series iRex Technologies… A 10.2 inch display touchscreen makes text much easier to see The battery only lasts 24 hours on this eReader This iRex reader has a few great features, but these features aren’t worth the price you will pay for […]

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