Get some free web traffic

Sep 03, 2011 Comments Off on Get some free web traffic by

Web traffic is like a huge virtual pizza. It’s sticky, hot and sweet, and comes in many flavours. And of course, everyone wants some. Image this pizza has 12 slices and there are 6 people to share it. Ideally, they could all get 2 pieces, right. However, in the real world someone would claim 6 […]

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Cook gets Steve’s Job

Aug 29, 2011 Comments Off on Cook gets Steve’s Job

Tim Cook got the top job at Apple after Steve Jobs resigned as CEO. Jobs will now takes a back seat as the chairman of Apple’s board of directors. In the late 1970s, Jobs, with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Mike Markkula, and others, designed, developed, and marketed the Apple II series, one of the first […]

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Why did Microsoft buy Skype?

May 25, 2011 Comments Off on Why did Microsoft buy Skype?

When Microsoft purchased SKYPE for $8.5bn many people questioned their acumen. Some saw it as a gasp for attention and likened it to an old geezer going out and buying a sports car to bolster his image. However, I think it was a smart an innovative move. It made you look, and it certainly got […]

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How To Find Your Backlinks

May 21, 2011 Comments Off on How To Find Your Backlinks

Keeping track of your backlinks is easier said than done but there are a couple of methods you can apply to find your links. These methods involve using the search engines to hunt for your links. If you want to see if you’re site is listed in a particular directory, you could use the following […]

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Starting a weblog

Dec 12, 2010 2 Comments

Response to requests for weblog info Starting a weblog is easy! The hard part is allocating enough time to it when you have other interests. Ask yourself this question, ‘Is the weblog for business or pleasure?’. Try to get your weblog to cover a specific topic as this will help you to focus. Although I […]

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