Fujifilm JZ

Jun 07, 2010 6 Comments by

Fujifilm is ready to roll out their new long-zoom category of compact cameras under the JZ line, where it merges style, substance and affordability in a single (and hopefully for them) winning formula.

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BenQ E1260 HDR

Jun 07, 2010 Comments Off on BenQ E1260 HDR

Here’s a little point-and-shoot from our friends at BenQ: the E1260 HDR. This camera has 12 Megapixels, and with a 28 mm 4x optical wide angle zoom lens. It also has a 2.7 inch LCD display, and is capable of shooting 720p video.

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Panasonic LUMIX G2

Jun 07, 2010 Comments Off on Panasonic LUMIX G2

Panasonic LUMIX G2 and LUMIX G10 Micro Four Thirds cameras, where both models will hit the market sometime at the end of May this year onwards, where the LUMIX G2 will come in red, blue and black colours while retailing for $799.95. As for the LUMIX G10, Panasonic has slapped a $599.95 price point on.

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X170 sports cam

Jun 07, 2010 6 Comments

This X170 sports cam is the perfect way to film every single one of your action moves. It comes with all sorts of ways to attach it to just about anything.

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The Sony Cyber-Shot

Jun 07, 2010 Comments Off on The Sony Cyber-Shot

The Sony Cyber-Shot is getting a facelift. It’s already available for $200 in the US, but Sony Japan has just announced that they will be releasing a much prettier versions of the camera. They have added a little more colour and a whole lot more style to the camera.

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