Arsenal fans bored with Wenger

Jan 20, 2013 Comments Off on Arsenal fans bored with Wenger by

How long will it be before the Arsenal board and Wenger realizes that their Arsenal team is not competing with the top teams in the Premiership? The current squad is not good enough and the fans have agonised over this for at least four seasons with perennial denials from Arsene Wenger. Arsenal’s performance is like […]

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Gunners firing blanks

Dec 05, 2012 Comments Off on Gunners firing blanks

Olympiakos 2 Arsenal 1 Arsenal fielded a weakened team against Olympiakos in the deciding match in the group stages of the Champions League. Olympiakos won, scoring 2 goals to Arsenal’s 1. As a result, Arsenal finished second in their group. Although they have qualified for the knockout stage, its only a matter of time, 90 […]

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Arsene still the man for Arsenal

Aug 27, 2011 Comments Off on Arsene still the man for Arsenal

Arsene Wenger may be a cut above the rest as far as football managers go but unfortunately his foibles make him a dinosaur in today’s football world. In an age when money supersedes loyalty, Wenger’s arrogance has left his side depleted as players jump ship for greener wages. Advice which was offered to Wenger by […]

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Premiship looming

Aug 02, 2011 Comments Off on Premiship looming

A new football season waited with much anticipation but will it just be a rerun of last season. The Premiership starting to look like an old movie rerun with little surprises and the star players already given the honours. Can any of the bottom 14 teams break freee from the pack? Who will go bust […]

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Arsenal must regroup and rebuild

May 09, 2011 Comments Off on Arsenal must regroup and rebuild

A tired looking Arsene Wenger admitted that his team was not strong enough after Saturday’s beating by Stoke. Arsene’s team of youngsters will now play out the rest of the season and then have a break to recharge their dead batteries. It seems as if the penny has finally dropped and that Wenger will now […]

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