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Democracy, the last lap

Nov 06, 2012 Comments Off on Democracy, the last lap by

The next president of the United States of America will be faced with many challenges at home and abroad. The American people will decide but the whole world will be watching and hoping that he will be wise, strong and egalitarian. Democracy – the last lap The race, t’is near the end And networks are […]

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Barclays Bob, Knave or Fool?

Jul 01, 2012 Comments Off on Barclays Bob, Knave or Fool?

CEO’s of corporate behemoths always say that they never knew what their staffs are up to when their organizations are found out and embroiled in controversy. The Barclays chief, Bob Diamond is at the centre of the £297 million LIBOR scandal. One observer commented that Bob Diamond must either be a knave or fool and […]

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Candidate Cain’s connivance

Nov 09, 2011 Comments Off on Candidate Cain’s connivance

The latest accusation in the Herman Cain saga is surely the straw that breaks the camels back. A Chicago woman became the fourth person to accuse the Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain of being “sexually inappropriate” towards her in the late 1990s. Sharon Bialek, who worked at a foundation linked to the National Restaurant Association, […]

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