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Low fat potato chip maker

Jun 07, 2010 Comments Off on Low fat potato chip maker by

This little invention is a low fat potato chip maker. Simply slice your potato chips wafer thing and line them up in the slots. Stick ‘em in the microwave for a minute and you get nice low fat potato chips. No oil, no extra calories.

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Smart Measure Cup

Jun 07, 2010 Comments Off on Smart Measure Cup

The Smart Measure Cup gets really precise, measuring volume exactly and displaying the unit on the LCD screen attached to the handle. You no longer have to place the measuring cup on top of the fridge or bend down to make sure you have an accurate measurement.

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Automatic Pancake Machine

Jun 07, 2010 Comments Off on Automatic Pancake Machine

The Chefstack Automatic Pancake Machine can make 4-inch size pancakes from no-mess batter pouches. It only takes about 30 seconds to cook and stack the flapjacks while you’re doing something else.

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Bugatti Vera Kettle

Jun 07, 2010 Comments Off on Bugatti Vera Kettle

This Bugatti Vera Kettle will help you make your tea in style.

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SteakHouse Grill

Jun 07, 2010 4 Comments

This new electric grill that takes true grilling to the table. With SteakHouse Grill, food products cook without coming into contact with their fats. It leaves behind neither smoke nor smells in the kitchen.

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