Brazil 3 Croatia 1

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A spectacular opening ceremony and a win for Brazil was the best start possible for the 2014 World Cup tournament.


The match turned into a thrilling and dramatic encounter, filled with surprises and controversy.

However, Croatia put up a fight and made the Brazilians look human!

Neymar bagged a couple of goals and Oscar finished with a toe poke to give the Brazilians the 3-1 win.

Position	Team	Played	Goal Difference	Points
1	Brazil		1	2		3
2	Cameroon	0	0		0
3	Mexico		0	0		0
4	Croatia		1	-2		0

Who’s on the cusp

Who’s on their game
Who’ll run the show
And score more goals
Than Ronaldo

Who’ll be the star
Social media king
Who’ll get a life
Blessed with everything

Thrill the crowds
And bring back awe
And make us clap
At what we saw

He dribbles, shoots
With either foot
Each goal he scores
With a golden boot

He’s ahead of the rest
One the crowd adores
Likes to impress
Leaves them
Wanting more

Who’ll show deft skills
And meet the pass
And slip the tackles
Be world class

Who’ll ride the hype
The euphoric wave
He will be king
The one whose brave

© S Bailey …

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