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Suarez knocks out England

Jun 21, 2014 Comments Off on Suarez knocks out England by

Give Suarez the ball Give him the ball He knows where to put it Even with bruised knees And not fully fit Some prefer Messi Or Van Persie, I bet But Suarez is greater When he gets near the net He can run with the ball Break any defense Bend the ball round a wall […]

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Netherlands 5, Spain 1

Jun 14, 2014 Comments Off on Netherlands 5, Spain 1

Netherlands vs Spain … Arena Fonte Nova, Brazil 2 Robins no Batman A Man United man And players from Holland Two Robins, no Batman And a tattered Spanish plan The Dutch were ready to avenge Their defeat in 2010 The final in South Africa Fresh in their mind again The Spanish just turned up To […]

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Brazil 3 Croatia 1

Jun 13, 2014 Comments Off on Brazil 3 Croatia 1

A spectacular opening ceremony and a win for Brazil was the best start possible for the 2014 World Cup tournament. The match turned into a thrilling and dramatic encounter, filled with surprises and controversy. However, Croatia put up a fight and made the Brazilians look human! Neymar bagged a couple of goals and Oscar finished […]

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