Democracy, the last lap

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The next president of the United States of America will be faced with many challenges at home and abroad.

The American people will decide but the whole world will be watching and hoping that
he will be wise, strong and egalitarian.

Democracy – the last lap

The race, t’is near the end
And networks are in overdrive
No time for honesty and truth
Though each message is broadcast live

Superpacks rule the roost
With dollars to beguile
So sonorous, yet invisible
But always with a smile

The rhetoric now befuddled
The biased media resets
As the last ad airs
Scaremongers and haters rest

One last promise fills the airwaves
The undecideds hold the key
Clever blogs are being written
Knowing what the outcome will be

The well healed, they careless
And slyly take a melliflous breath
The meek are unimpressed
And worry about their debt

Time to cast that vote
In hope that change will come
Tomorrow is a new day
Whatever happens, life goes on

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