Water for food production

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Water for use in agriculture

Water is used to make every product on Earth. As a consequence, all factories, businesses and all business sectors depend on it in some way.

Water, energy and food are intrinsically linked as water is needed to produce the power/energy required for food production.

Marks & Spencer is working with WWF to calculate the water footprint of its entire food and clothing ranges. M&S’s technical director, David Gregory, said the availability of water over the next decade was already a key part of the company’s strategic decisions about where to source food for its stores.

The retailer is auditing the water footprint of five key crops – strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes and roses – to establish where and how they should be grown in the next few years to make best use of water resources.

The WWF report identifies Spain, northern African countries including Egypt and Morocco, South Africa, Israel, Pakistan and Uzbekistan as countries which face acute water stress and yet supply the UK with substantial exports of their water.

Water for use in industry

After agriculture, industry is the second largest user of water. However, the amount of water used varies widely from one type of industry to another.


WWF – World Water Foundation

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