Racism is offside in Football

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Being a Premiership footballer is fun, exciting and financially rewarding.

However, footballers are only human.

Some are gentlemen, some are thugs and some are just like the boy next door.

They are always in trouble because of their human frailty. Footballers are part of a society which feeds on unsavoury stories created by the media.

Most footballers can handle the fame, adulation and even the media frenzy but the ones who can’t stand the heat, risk a claw back of media love from the tabloids.

Footballers lead a charmed life;
They don’t have to work 9-5
They don’t have life threatening jobs
They don’t do mundane work
They don’t have to worry about paying the gas bill
They don’t have to work until 65.

So, the least they can do is set a good example to the million of youngsters who idolise them.

Why do young boys aspire to become Premiership footballers?

  • its easy, players get paid huge sums of money for doing something they love
  • they get to travel and see the world
  • they get fame and social cred
  • they get an army of wags following and not just on twitter
  • they get to buy Mum a mansion


Ten ©ommandments of football

  • Thou shall not touch the referee in anger
  • Thou shall not spit on an opponent
  • Thou shall not hit other players
  • Thou shall not utter racist remarks
  • Thou shall not assault fans even when provoked
  • Thou shall not refuse to get off the bench
  • Thou shall not do drugs (alcohol is OK!)
  • Thou shall not sexually assault others
  • Thou shall not sound off on twitter
  • Thou shall not get caught doing any of the above
Racism is a problem which sport is handling better than in most other echelons of society. That is why when racism rears it ugly head in football, it has to be addressed and stamped out.

Notoriety is only the first punishment as a consequence of such bad behaviour. Criminal charges should follow.

Sport for all!


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