Premiership transfer window closed

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The transfer window is now closed and players, managers and clubs can now concentrate on the business of playing football.

As usual the big clubs have scouted the globe, identified the best available players, and paid exorbitant fees to entice them from their clubs to the Premier League.

Many clubs wisely used this period to jettison players who are either at the end of their careers or those who haven’t quite lived up to their expectation.

Managers and directors of football clubs throughout Europe breathed a sigh of relief after the 11pm deadline and will probably be able to get good nights sleep for the first time in ages.

The transfer window is a stressful time for clubs, even those with big wads of cash to spend. The clubs that are not so fortunate spend a lot of time gnashing teeth and praying that the phone does not ring. When the phone does ring, it’s like a double edged sword. On one hand the club may benefit from some well needed cash for one of their players and on the other hand this deal could weaken their team.

At the end of the day, it’s up to the players. If contracts allow, most players relish a move to bigger clubs to further their careers, and grab the opportunity to get a big payday, and a huge pay rise all in the same deal. The player’s agents really love this time of the season because this is when their true worth and character kicks in.

The players are inevitably, the biggest beneficiaries, especially if they get a move to a club that wants them.

The downside in the transfer window is that managers and clubs have to pay much, much more for players than they are worth. Salaries also go up to ridiculous highs as new contracts are negotiated. This always put an enormous strain on the finances of many club for the remainder of the season.

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