We love, hate bankers

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Bankers solicit your business with all kinds of promises and guarantees but at the end of the day a banker is very similar to a loan shark. Bankers however, have the full force of the law behind them.

After the CRASH, the thought of storing your hard earned cash under your bed or in a wall safe did cross your mind but you decided against it. You plumped for a bank account as the safer option.

You think that your money will be safer in a bank, and you can access it whenever you want. You even hope to get some interest on the money you put into your account. Anyway, it’s there, conveniently, whenever you need it!

You take comfort from knowing that if the bank screws you that everyone else will be screwed as well. You don’t like the terms of your contract because of the obfuscated rules which favours the bank and so you never really read them.

Meanwhile, the bank has some clever ideas on how to make your money grow so they can keep most of it for themselves.

They whip up some software to turn the bank into a casino with flashing lights, digital roulette wheels and poker tables. They start gambling with the seed money which comes from your hard earnings. Things work out fine for a while but if anything goes wrong and the banks loses their shirt they can beg the government to steal tax payer’s money to cover their loss.

The banks are holding us all to ransom. Words like empathy, fairness and loyalty are not part of the bankers business lexicon. Greed is the first word in their dictionary.

Politicians and savers are terrified of opposing them and their practices. After all, we want our money to be in a safe place. We want our utility bills, overdrafts, our finance and our mortgages paid. But at what price?

We recognize that there is no alternative system for commerce. So what we have to do is make banks serve us better.

Life would be simpler if we could buy an ounce of gold every month and hoard it instead of trusting the banks.

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