Make your gadgets the slave

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Pretty soon after you’ve shelled out 500 £/$ for a new gadget the cost of it pales into insignificance.  The real value comes from the precious moments of film or video that you captured or the communications which you engendered since acquiring the device.

If your gadget was a Christmas present and you were too excited to read the user manual, then you could miss out on some of the cool features which the device offers.

Occasionally your gadgets will let you down, even if you don’t drop them on the floor or accidentally put them in the washing machine.  Sooner or later they will develop technical problems of a hardware/software nature. Sometimes the faults are simple, such as a software glitch which ignores your alarm call, a sticky switch or lack of power but now and then it can be a more annoying fault.

Knowing the basics of how your gadgets (*)
work can help you manage your devices stress free!</br> 
(* mp3 players, smartphones, games machines, book-readers, laptops, camcorder, digital camera)

For optimum use, we connect these devices to each other or to the internet. 
These gadgets have their own set of operating instructions and a standard language which they use to communicate with other devices.

Our gadgets are smart, intuitive <em>maybe</em> and they utilise many protocols on our behest. As long as they are working to serve us, we could care less! However when they fail, if you have a basic understanding of the terminology in right-pane, then your gadgets will be <em>a slave to you</em>.

Simple gadget safety tips

Backups and deletion

Make sure you understand the capacity of the storage media and know how to backup and delete your images, audio and video files.

Keep your warranty information safe

Send off your warranty information so your device can be repaired free during the designated period.

Save the user manuals
Save all the user manuals and other paperwork that came with your devices.  They will come in handy when you least expect it.

Check the battery
Nearly all the gadgets we use are powered by electricity so if there is a problem that’s the first fault to eliminate is the state of your NiCad battery.

Don’t leave valuable data on your gadgets 
As soon as possible, download the images, sounds and video from your portable devices.  If it’s an mp3 player make sure that you back up the thousands of song which took you so long to collect.

Remove personal data from your gadgets when you send them for repair
Pin numbers, addresses and bank account details should be wiped from your device before you hand it over to the repair man for obvious reasons.

Remove the batteries from your gadgets
Remove the batteries from your gadgets if you are not using them for a while.  Do this even with camcorders that have NiCad batteries.

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