Addicted in 2011

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Many people go into the New Year with resolutions which they genuinely want to keep and don’t, so I’ve chosen one which I think is achievable.

The first thing I do every morning, no the second thing, is to switch on the kettle and then I switch on my computer.  Then, I power up my smartphone and this pattern continues throughout the day.  I spend a lot of time feeding my <em>addiction</em>.  Yes, I’m addicted to electricity.  I’m in darkness without it. I now need electricity nearly as much as I do air, food and water.

Right now I use enough electricity to power a small village in a developing country.  This year however, I will curb my mega usage of fossil fuels and find some alternatives.  I can’t rely on alternative energy yet, so I will have to reduce my energy consumption.

Saying this is pretty easy  but actually doing it on a day to day basis will be a challenge.

I’ll have to burn lot of candles and start using those useless solar lights and come up with some innovative ways to reduce energy.  I already spend too much time indoors so I can’t save much on petrol.

The only misgiving I have is that if the national demand for electricity actually drops (not just because of my efforts), then the power companies will punish me and everyone else by increasing energy prices to fill their greedy coffers.  If this happens then I have to envisage the bigger picture and hope that they get the backlash from their consumers – which is imminent.

<strong>Estimate of electricity consumption </strong>

1. Working Couple – 4,117 kWh electricity
2. Single Person – 3,084 kWh electricity
3. Family with two children – 5,480 kWh electricity 

We (BP, Exon) have to dig deep to get the crude and gas needed to produce that amount of energy!

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