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Intel’s 2nd Generation Core processor

Sep 14, 2010 14 Comments

Intel’s new super-chip, the 2nd Generation Intel Core processor or ‘the Sandy Bridge processor’ is so fast that applications for its use are enormous. Intel claims the new core pumps out as many as 32 times more pixels per clock than its existing integrated graphics solutions, making it fast enough to render low-end discrete graphics […]

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St Kitts Nevis Independence Celebrations

Sep 09, 2010 12 Comments

Happy Independence Celebrations! St Kitts Nevis Independence Celebrations Happy Anniversary! St Kitts and Nevis will celebrate their 27th independence with a series of national events starting on September 14th 2010. StKitts-Nevis gallery Date Time Event Venue Tuesday, September 14 8:00PM Prime Minister’s Lecture Series Old Boy’s School Hall; Presenter: Dr. Rydell Blake Wednesday, September 15 […]

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Goal Line Technology

Sep 09, 2010 33 Comments

FIFA are still dithering over the calls for goal-line technology. Had the technology been used at the England v Germany match in Bloemfontein, Frank Lampard’s first-half goal could have changed the outcome of the World Cup. Like many England fans after the game, I was in favour of the use of goal line technology to […]

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The Great Wheat Hope

Sep 06, 2010 38 Comments

Scientists in Britain have finally decoded the genetic sequence of wheat — one of the world’s oldest and most important crops. This significant breakthrough could lead to increased yields of wheat crops globally, as farmers learn new techniques to breed better strains of wheat. Wheat is the top grown farmland cereal crop, and researchers think […]

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A Computer for $35

Sep 04, 2010 8 Comments

MHRD have developed a computer for $35/1500INR. The Indian, Ministry of Human Resource Development was created in 1985 to promote ‘the development of the citizen’. MHRD are poised to deliver a computer which can revolutionise the way children are taught in schools. The device will be available in 2011.

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