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Leeds United falter

Sep 30, 2010 9 Comments by

Leeds United 4 – Preston 6 There’s a video clip shown on the Discovery channel of lions hunting on the Serengeti. The clip gets really exciting at the point where a little impala is singled out by the pride and chased down, then devoured. It’s sad for the impala but that’s how lions do it. […]

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The Premiership in Two Halves

Sep 30, 2010 14 Comments

In February 2008, FIFA rolled out TMS in 18 countries. In October it will be compulsory to all football clubs around the world. TMS – Transfer Matching System, requires both clubs in a player’s move to upload the players personal data and all involved in the transfer to an online database (30 pieces of information […]

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A bad time for technophobes

Sep 29, 2010 19 Comments

A technophobe is some one who hates or is averse to technology and all its trappings. It must be hard to resist some of the computers, smart phones, and other gadgets on the market these days. Some of them are actually useful and bring joy and interest to the user. I wonder what it would […]

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How the UN can help Pakistan

Sep 28, 2010 14 Comments

The Aftermath The Pakistan flood has left a devastated country with more seemingly insurmountable problems. The Pakistan government are overwhelmed by the destruction caused by the floods. The unparallel destruction of property, the levelling of crops and the displacement of thousands of people all add up to a massive problem which any government would struggle […]

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Football – The Premiership 25September

Sep 26, 2010 6 Comments

Just a few days ago pundits were all talking about Chelsea going the whole season without a defeat. Even Roberto Mancini believed it was possible! Or, maybe he was just playing with them before such an important game. For the first time in ages Manchester City did everyone in the Premiership a favour. Now Chelsea […]

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