Kirkgate Market Leeds

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leeds_marketThese stand on the site of the medieval Vicar’s Croft. In 1822 the cattle, pig, fruit and vegetables markets were moved to here from Briggate. Various subsequent extension included the magnificent New Borough Market Hall which was built to the designs of Leeming & Leeming in 1901-4. It was completely refurbished to its city council, Norwich Unionoriginal splendour by the City Council in association with Norwich Union in 1991-3. Its interior is fabulous, with its fine cast iron framing, decorated with the City arms in its arches, dragons beneath its balconies, and original cast iron stalls. To commemorate the centenary of the founding of their original Penny Bazaar here in 1884, Marks & Spencer presented the clock beneath the central dome. With over 600 stalls, Kirk gate Market is the largest in Europe on a single site. Shopping here is quite an experience, varied, characterful and wholesome.


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